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Fresh New Recipes and Posts

Homemade Trail Mix

Whether you are grabbing a snack for yourself, packing a lunch for your kids, or just in need of sweet munchies, this trail mix is a hit both nutritionally and…...

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Garbanzo Bean Crepes

  Garbanzo Bean Crepes Wonderfully versatile and holds up super! Great for PB & J, taco, gyros, wraps, you name it! Makes at least a dozen crepes. Great to half…...

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Tidying up the Pantry

    We know we work better when our home and work-spaces are clean and neat. So why not have a clutter free, organized and well-stocked pantry!? It makes finding ingredients…...

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Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken your taste buds with beautiful fresh ingredients that inspires you to cook our family friendly yummy recipes where ultimately you gather round your kitchen table sharing your meals with family and friends. We hope to inspire you with beautiful fresh ingredients and encourage you to cook our family-friendly, deliciously simple recipes.

EatingGreat, our book in progress, is a lifestyle cookbook filled with easy, flavorful recipes for anyone who loves to gather and bring nourishment to family meals. It is also a parents’ guide for nourishing finicky eaters and incorrigible teens. We will keep you posted on its progress!

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Subscribe to our delicious blog!