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      Black Bean Burger

      • October 9, 2014
      640 428 Curry Girls Kitchen

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      SouthWest Black Bean Burgers – Yeeee-HA!

      ½-3/4 C canned black beans drained
      1/2-3/4 cups cooked quinoa
      1 Cup diced caramelized red bell peppers, onions and garlic*
      1/2-cup fresh ground toasted pepitas & sunflower seeds (adds a nice meaty taste)**
      ¼ cup  EACH minced cilantro and parsley
      ¼ -cup pecorino/Romano cheese/ or dairy free vegan Parmesan
      ½  cup crumbled goat or sheep feta (omit if vegan or intolerant to dairy)
      1 tsp Curry Girl’s Six Seasonings
      ¼ tsp Spice Hunter’s Chili pepper powder, or fresh chopped jalapeno to taste
      1 small egg, beaten OR 1 TBL ground flaxseeds and 3 Tbl water blend well.
      Salt and pepper to taste
      Optional addition: Diced leftover roasted vegetables such as summer squash, or corn hash or sautéed mushrooms finely chopped.

      Coconut Oil for cooking burgers

      To coat patties:
      1/4 cup pecorino/Romano cheese/ or dairy free Vegan Parma
      1/2 cups fresh ground toasted pepitas & sunflower seeds **
      Mix and place in a shallow dish.

      Preheat pan on medium heat.
      In a large bowl, combine all patty ingredients and mix well.  Once ingredients are incorporated, form mixture into 3-inch patties, or as you would for hamburgers.  Dip patties into cheese/nut coating mixture on both sides.

      When pan is hot, add enough coconut oil to coat pan 1/4″.   Brown patties for approximately 7-10 minutes per side or until brown and crisp. Store extra patties in small batches in freezer bags.  Makes great snack or quick lunch, or served on a bed of lettuce or in a taco.

      Top with sliced avocados, red pepper hummus and sprinkled with fresh chopped cilantro.

      *To caramelize peppers and onions see video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjJT1c2KFr8

      **Purchase raw nuts and seeds and toast them in a dry heated pan. Add a little sea salt and heat until brown on both sides.  Watch carefully as they can burn easily.  Make enough for this recipe plus a little more for snacking. They are delicious!

      Note: Pepita seeds are pumpkin seeds by another name 


      Blackbean burger mixture

      Blackbean burger mixture

      Dusting burgers

      Dusting burgers

      Ready to cook

      Ready to cook