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      Megs Health Journey Healing Mold Toxicity and Functional Medicine

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      My most recent health journey, healing mold toxicity through functional medicine, has reminded me a lot of my rock bottom in 2006. That was the…

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      Megs Solo Trip to Australia

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      Traveling to Australia had been a dream of mine for years. After studying abroad in Italy, and traveling extensively around Europe, I had put Australia…

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      Gluten Free Camping Essentials

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      Who is going camping this summer? I sure am!! Camp cooking can be challenging (especially when gluten free) IF you are unprepared ~ but we…

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      Megs Journey to Health

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      I have been writing and re-writing this piece for years. The timeline is all the same, how I got here is the same, but the…

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      Seared Salmon Salad

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      Last week we started our 3 week Workshop for the “Clean” program by Dr. Alejandro Junger. We have two enthusiastic groups of students. However, not…

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      Sushi Grade Fish

      Curry Girls Kitchen

      I have never tried preparing raw fish before, and I couldn’t tell you why, until now… I think the fact that I was supposed to…

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