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      Chocolate Smoothie

      • April 3, 2014
      500 392 Curry Girls Kitchen


      “Cant Believe it’s a CLEAN Chocolate Smoothie”

      GREAT for a snack, recovery, or anytime your feeling the chocolate urge!


      1 C Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk or Hazelnut milk

      1C Coconut water

      1 Tbl Raw Cocao

      1 Tbl Cinnamon

      1 Tbl Flax seed fresh ground

      2 Tbl  Chia seeds

      1 Tbl Coconut butter

      1 Tbl Raw Almond butter

      1 tsp Vanilla extract (optional if using a vanilla Protein Powder)

      1 Tbl Protein powder (optional)


      Whirl all ingredients in blender, top with raw cocoa nibs

      To make cold add a few ice cubes or a frozen banana!