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      Nectarine No Churn Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

      • August 17, 2016
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      Dairy Free Nectarine No-Churn Ice cream is a wonderful treat!  Easy to make, kids of all ages squeal when they taste the refreshing bold flavor of nectarines.  Use it to top a fruit crisp, pie or our fruit bars. Its a “feel good” treat that’s low in sugar and made with wholesome ingredients.

      Watch our fun recipe video below to make a batch for yourself!

      Nectarine No Churn Ice Cream Ingredients:


      2 Cups frozen nectarines, peaches, plums or berries (pictured is nectarine ice cream)

      ½ C cold or frozen coconut milk

      1-3 Tbl. honey

      Juice of 1 fresh lime

      Nectarine No Churn Ice Cream Method:

      • Add all ingredients into to blender or food processor (S blade), and process until creamy.
      • Taste and add more honey if needed. Makes 2 Cups
      • Store leftovers in freezer ~ IF you have any left!

      ice cream ingredients

      When you first blend it, the ice cream’s texture is more like gelato.

      Here is what the ice cream looks like once frozen.