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      Dehydrated Peaches

      • July 26, 2018
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      Dehydrated Peaches! That’s right, delicious dried fruit made by you.

      Never want summer to end? Neither do we! And, with dehydrator, it doesn’t have to! Keep enjoying summer’s bounty all year long with this magical kitchen tool. Dehydrated Peaches is our first recipe using a dehydrator and you can expect more to come. The only thing you need (aside from peaches) is a dehydrator!

      This recipe was created on the fly while I was visiting my boyfriend’s mom’s home in Newport, Oregon. We met her camping in southern Oregon before heading to her home. While camping she had shared these same dehydrated peaches and I immediately insisted she teach me her ways!! These are a great addition to our Camping Essentials list.

      Dehydrating fruit is SO. EASY. I cannot emphasize that enough. The preparation is minimal, especially if you have help, and the rewards are plenty!

      We purchased a flat of local organic Fremont peaches from her farmers market. For reference, there are about 20-30 peaches in a flat. You Can use any variety of peaches your little heart desires. You can even use this recipe with other fruits: nectarines, plums, mango, pineapple, bananas, etc. The possibilities are endless!

      It is possible to “dehydrate” the peaches in your oven, but we haven’t tested that recipe just yet. We promise to do so ASAP, so even if you don’t have a dehydrator you can enjoy these homemade goodies too!

      Keep scrolling for the full recipe + watch our recipe video here! *if you enjoy this video style and would like to see more of these overhead recipe videos. Comment on this recipe on our YouTube, Facebook or Instagram @CurryGirlsKitchen.

      What You Need To Make Dehydrated Peaches

      1 flat of peaches, about 20-30 of your favorite variety*
      Dehydrator (we used this one + about 8 extra trays)

      Method to Make Dehydrated Peaches

      • There are two ways of prepping the peaches. #1) cut the skin off the peaches or #2) place peaches in simmering water for 2 to 3 seconds and then using your fingers, peel the skin off the peaches. Option #1 is great for the lazier cooks (like me). Option #2 will waste less of the fruit. Both work fine!
      • Once you have peeled the peaches, slice to your preference. I enjoy larger pieces of dried fruit, so I would cut into ¼ inch rounds and then slice off the rest of the fruit around the pit.
      • As you can see in our recipe video, I would take two peaches at a time to peel the skin off. Cut up the fruit. And then place on the dehydrator rack.

      • The key to making them perfectly dried is to give them space on the dehydrator rack.

      • Once all peaches are prepped and spread out, place racks in dehydrator. Plug in and setting the temperature.
      • There are two settings for how long the fruit will dehydrate for: #1) If you would like to do it for less time, we set the temp a little over 125 degrees. These need at least 12 hours before they can be removed. #2) If you prefer to let them dehydrate for a longer time, you can set the temp around 105 degrees. These can take anywhere from 18-24 hours.
      • Once dehydrated to desired consistency, remove fruit from the trays. Store in baggies or an airtight container. If your fruit has more moisture and a softer consistency, we recommend leaving in the fridge to preserve longer**.
      • Enjoy immediately! We love pairing ours with granola and yogurt, in salads, on a cheese board, with baked goods, and of course on their own.

      *Depending on your dehydrator, you might only be able to make a limited amount of peaches. The one we used had multiple trays so we were able to make a huge batch. We recommend checking your dehydrator manual to see how much it can hold (in pounds etc.). You can always start with a small batch and make more!
      **Depending on the texture of your fruit, it can last for months!