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      October 2018 Cleansing with Food Workshop

      October 17 - November 7
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      October 2018 Cleansing with Food Workshop

      Curry Girls Kitchen’s Cleansing with Food workshops transform lives!  Cleansing with Food helps you discover true health and learn how food is our greatest asset.  This 3-week workshop truly is a game changer! Megan and Peggy Curry, a dynamic mother daughter duo, changed their family’s chronic symptoms and healed their digestive disorders through food. Curry Girls brings to life the healing aspects of food and lifestyle in a most delicious, nourishing and manageable way.

      • Register NOW by emailing us~ [email protected]
      • In addition to our In-Person workshop, we also are offering a an ONLINE cleansing workshop to better assist our community and help more people attain vibrant health.
      • Seating is limited for In-person. We wish to serve all your personal goals and give you our unlimited support during your cleansing experience both in person and online.

      We hope you had a fun-filled and adventurous Summer and Winter (for our Southern Hemisphere friends) !! If your “fun” was like ours~ great eats were flowing and you are as ready as we are for some clean eating. NOW IS THE TIME to take care of YOU. You’ll experience stronger immunity, energy, clarity, deep sleep, and a wonderful sparkle as you make your way into the New Year.

      Eat. Laugh. And have FUN cleansing with the Curry Girls!

      What you’ll get when you join Megs and Pegs In-Person:

      • 3 weekly classes with cooking demonstrations and eating of smoothies, soups and “linners”.
      • Weekly tastings of seasonal fruits, vegetables, juices and/or  new “clean approved” products
      • Personal one-on-one 15 min. consultation with Pegs (scheduled by appointment)
      • Unlimited support via text or email with Megs and Pegs
      • Private Facebook cleansing group
      • Clean Pantry display
      • E-Workbook that includes 60+ cleansing recipes, Cleansing with Food pantry lists, menu and meal planning ideas, weekly grocery list, and a daily accountability worksheet.
      • A whole lot of laughter while you hang with us in our kitchen!
      • A radiant new you!

      What you’ll receive from our Online Workshop:

      • 3 Weekly Facebook Live sessions (Private CGK cleansing group) including cooking demonstrations of your weekly smoothie, soup and dinner.
      • Unlimited support via email or Facebook with Megs and Pegs
      • E-Workbook that includes 60+ cleansing recipes, Cleansing with Food pantry lists, menu and meal planning ideas, weekly grocery lists, and a daily accountability worksheet.
      • 3 Thursday evening Facebook Live  Q&A with Megs and Pegs
      • All Online segments will be saved to watch at your convenience.
      • A radiant new you!

      Cost for “Cleansing with Food” Workshops:

      • $400 IN-person 3 weekly classes
      • $225 ONLINE LIVE classes

      Prerequisites: None, just you! Bring your goals, intentions and journal to each class.

      Sign up today via email [email protected]

      FAQ: What can I eat and drink?

      You will drink a smoothie every morning, eat a full clean approved meal as your “linner”, and sip on a hearty pureed soup at dinner.

      You are also able to snack on clean approved foods.

      You will receive all the do’s and “elimination foods” in your workbook. However as far as beverages, water is your best friend here. Hydration and elimination is what we are after. You can also have, fresh organic vegetable juices, additional smoothies, herbal teas and plain sparkling mineral waters.

      The majority of people feel very satisfied and full. We hear, “I cant eat it all!” often. You will learn more about when you are hungry, thirsty and full. You will naturally learn to know your portion sizes. Here’s a few of our class favorites pictured below.

      Breakfast or also a Snack~Chocolate Almond Joy Smoothie

      “Linner” Seared Wild Salmon and Avocado Butter. Lentil Salad with Masala Dressing

      Purple Cauliflower and Parsnip Puree. Evening Soup.

      FAQ: How will I feel?

      Any time one changes their eating habits symptoms can come up. A few symptoms that can show up when detoxing from alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or highly processed sugars are: headaches, gas, fatigue, sadness, and anger. However these symptoms last maybe a day or two and then miraculously disappear as your body eliminates it’s toxic overload both physically and emotionally. Many people do not experience any of these symptoms. It all depends on what your diet and lifestyle is like pre-cleanse. Pegs and Megs have wonderful tips and tools to minimize these symptoms.

      Recommended reading for the newbie cleanse student:
      The Clean Program, Dr. Alejandro Junger
      Eat Fat, Get Thin, Dr. Mark Hyman

      * Email [email protected] to make an appointment for private consultations and meal planning to best support, modify and individualize your cleanse experience. Supplements to order can be found here!

      Complete “CLEANSING with FOOD” Workshop Schedule

      EVENING~ IN person
      Week 1: Wednesday October 17th 6:30-8:45pm
      Week 2: Wednesday October 24rd 6:30-8:45pm
      Week 3: Wednesday November 7th 6:30-8:45pm

      ** Linner is served during each class **

      Location: Curry Farms ~ Manhattan Beach, CA

      CLEANSING WITH FOOD Workshop Schedule (ON-LINE)

      Week 1: Monday October 22nd
      Week 2: Monday October 29th
      Week 3: Monday November 5th

      NOTE: Our NEW on-line workshop will be on a private Curry Girls Kitchen Facebook page. It will be left up for you to experience on your own time. You will also have unlimited ability to connect with Megs and Pegs.

      Teachers: Megan Curry~ Certified Holistic Health Coach and Peggy Curry~ nutrition educator with +25 years’ experience.

      Both Megs and Pegs are passionate foodies who were both healed by food. They share their different perspectives on cooking, and their personal life experiences that lead them to their healthy fun loving happy lives they live today. You get two generations worth of wisdom. Their classes are engaging and entertaining, not to mention delicious! So they are told. Read from their students and private client testimonials and then keep scrolling to watch a few very special video testimonials.

      Week 1 ~ “Setting up for success” All the information you’ll need for a fantastic cleansing experience!
      Together Megs and Pegs help you set realistic goals for your cleansing journey and your personal lifestyle intentions. Your Curry Girls will be sharing how to set up for success through organizing, planning, lifestyle tools, tips, as well as enjoying all their wonderful clean and delicious recipes. There’s always surprises with so much more that will nourish and support you, your body, brain, spirit and lifestyle.

      Week 2 ~ Body and Brain Health
      Did you know that we actually have 3 brains and they all talk to each other everyday! Yes!

      Autumn Bates will discuss the fascinating brain and gut connection. Autumn is a local Certified Clinical Nutritionist practicing in Manhattan Beach. She has her M.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance, B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She has been featured as an expert in her field in Popsugar Fitness, Shape Magazine, Healthline and more. She works one-on-one with hundreds of men and women across the world on gut healing, anxiety reduction, weight loss, hormone balancing, performance enhancement, and anti-aging by utilizing advanced Nutrition Strategies. We are beyond thrilled to have Autumn share her expertise and knowledge on the importance of taking care of our bodies and share the many tools to transform your life.

      You can learn more about Autumn, schedule an appointment or read her blog posts at www.autumnellenutrition.com.

      Week 3 ~Embracing a Clean-er Lifestyle. Making Life Delicious Every Day!

      Learn the important way to safely and affectively come off your cleanse. Discover your own personal health information. Experience all the great benefits that happen after the cleanse. What does a clean lifestyle look like. How to live your life and enjoy eating your favorite foods, eating out, the 80-20 rule and what needs modification in your diet. Knowledge helps you choose your own healthy lifestyle and still make life delicious every day!

      Meg’s is excited to share her recent tools she learned at Esalen this summer with the esteemed teacher Jack Kornfield. The GREAT NEWS IS, you can heal and transform your life with Cleansing with Food!

      Curry Girls Fall Inspired Menus
      All food is organic, local, sustainable, dairy free, gluten free, and primarily plant based

      In Person Menu

      Week 1 Menu
      Green Blueberry Detox Smoothie
      Vegetable Lentil Soup
      Crispy Baked Herb Chicken with seasonal roasted vegetables
      Butter Lettuce Salad with Beet Sticks. Balsamic Vinaigrette

      Week 2 Menu
      Carmel Mocha Latte Smoothie
      Aduki Bean and Butternut Squash Soup
      Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms (Vegan and Paleo versions)
      Herb & Dandelion Radicchio Salad with Quinoa and Garbanzo Beans

      Week 3 Menu
      Cake Batter Smoothie
      Creamy Spinach Zucchini Soup with Citrus Zest
      Wild Fish Tacos and Southwest Kohlrabi Napa Slaw in Lettuce Shells
      Escarole with Seasonal Roasted Vegetables.  Lime Vinaigrette

      Tastes: Juju-bees, Persimmon Pumpkin Pie spiced smoothie and new Cleansing with Food products…

      (Menus are subject to change due to seasonal availability)

      Notes: Our meals are primarily plant based, however we do offer wild fish and organic chicken. If you have a preference or questions please contact us directly. We do prepare a vegetarian dish for those who are plant based. If you have a nut or fish allergy please let us know in advance.

      ONLINE Menus:


      ONLINE and In-person Students receive a beautiful 60+ page E-Book with weekly menus, market lists and 60+ recipes for smoothies, soups, main “Linners”, vegetables, salads and clean treats and snacks.

      Think back to last year’s New Year’s intentions, how’d you do? What do you wish to manifest this year for your personal health, fun, and work goals? How are you going to achieve those goals? Did you know that cleansing your body actually helps you to find clarity? Cleansing with food kicks starts so much more than just detoxing your body’s organs, it actually clears out emotional toxins and brings your entire body into balance. Toxicity messes with our brains. And when our brains and body are not not working at their full potential, we just don’t function at our best. We are tired, cranky, and sleepless. That is NO FUN!

      CGK workshop will teach you how to plan, organize, and set yourself up for success while cleansing. Cleansing shows us where the root causes are to our chronic symptoms. You will be fully supported by Megs and Pegs while you get clean, possibly loose a few excess pounds, learn more about which food work to heal our bodies, and perhaps even achieve your personal goals for 2018. Join our fun and delicious ways we share with you how to prevent illness by building a stronger immune system and happier healthier bodies!

      Summer break has a tendency to take us off track, and that is OK. It’s summer! Traveling, shopping, gift giving, baking, cooking fun celebratory meals, spirits flowing~gathering with friends, co-workers, and family are what the holidays are all about. It’s sharing our spirit and LOVE. And hey, we love to live and have fun!! No regrets or remorse over here! Now that we are getting back into the swing of making new year goals and our yearly schedules, Meg and I always allow and include the very important ME time in those plans~ and we hope you do the same. Cleansing with Food helps us get back on track on so many levels. Its uber important to get our immune system strong during these colder days and during the all knowing “cold and flu” season. How about we change that messaging, right! Our January cleanse is the perfect time to set your year off with strong intentions for the new year, clear mind and a healthy body! We are always cooking up new recipes and ideas to make your personal experience the very best it can be.

      We’d love to hear from you! Email Pegs directly with questions or concerns. [email protected]


      Watch the following student testimonials and see how the cleanse transformed their lives.

      We hope you will join us! This cleanse truly is a game changer 🙂