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      Green Goddess Dressing

      • October 4, 2017
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      Green Goddess Salad Dressing (Dairy Free & Vegan option)

      Evy, Peg’s mom, made green goddess salad dressing for her family. It’s one of those memory foods for Pegs that’s reminiscent of her childhood. It is a strong bold creamy dressing that can also be used as dip or sauce. Green Goddess typically uses mayonnaise, however we’ve eliminated the mayo and use Veganaise or Majestic garlic spread. Instead of anchovies, we use flax seed oil to give it the same taste but without the fish for all our vegan friends!

      Enjoy this dressing over crispy romaine hearts, as a dip for your veggie platters, or generously drizzle over your Buddha bowl. This re-do of a delicious dressing from generations past is full of beneficial ingredients, and we know it will capture your heart and taste buds.

      Scroll down for full recipe and watch our recipe video HERE!

      Green Goddess Dressing

      Prep Time
      Cook Time
      5 min 2 minutes

      1 C/ 8 oz. Wildwood Garlic Aioli (or Majestic Creamy garlic or Veganese original)

      1-2 Tbl Barlean’s Flax seed lignin oil

      1/4 C Heaping rough chopped parsley leaves and some stems

      1/4 C chopped chives

      1/4 C green spring onion

      1 heaping tablespoon tarragon leaves, rough chopped

      1/2 tsp. sea salt

      2 Tbl. fresh lemon juice

      Variation: Add 2 anchovy fillets instead of flax seed oil

      • Add all ingredients into a blender or food processor.
      • Blend until smooth.
      • Adjust seasonings to taste.
      • Store in glass container.
      • Refrigerate up to one week.