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      Happy Father’s Day

      • June 14, 2019
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      Happy Father’s Day! Let’s give our fathers what they love most~food!  To celebrate Dad we make a homemade meal filled with love. Whether it’s brunch, a picnic lunch or dinner he will love and appreciate you even more, if that’s possible!

      Papa Curry LOVES to eat. Pegs learned a long time ago~ the way to a man’s heart, is through his belly.  Feed them she says. When Dad sits down at the table and begins eating, he hums.  Then a few bites into his food, he will look at Pegs and say, “why don’t you make this more often?” and mom just laughs ~ she has so many meals in her repertoire, we could go for weeks not having the same meal twice.

      Here’s a list of some of Papa Curry’s most requested favorite main courses and treats… And how he loves his treats!

      Tim scarfing down coffee cake

      Poppa Curry chowing down on his favorite coffee cake!

      fathers day table

      A Fathers Day picnic fit for a king! Italian chicken tenders, Cauliflower “mock potato” salad, Mediterranean salad, homemade lemonade and berry bars

      Poppa Tim’s Top Picks for Father’s Day:

      Sunday Chicken burgers

      Black bean burgers

      Crispy whitefish


      Chicken tenders


      Garlicky Green Beans

      Cauliflower Potato Salad

      Mediterranean Salad

      Curry House Salad + Dressing

      Fruit crisp ~ apple, peach, blueberry mix

      Lemon tart

      Fruit Bars

      Cherry Nectarine Galette

      Coffee Cake

      WE LOVE YOU DAD! Alex, Megan, Annie & Samantha! xoxoxo

      Fathers day family photo 2014 UCSB