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      Healing Chicken Soup

      • November 4, 2013
      500 334 Curry Girls Kitchen



      • 12 chicken wings
      • 5 thigh and legs attached.
      • 4 backs & 4 feet.  These parts make for a very rich gelatinous broth!
      • 2 brown onions quartered
      • 4- large carrots coarsely chopped
      • 2 ribs celery and some leaves coarsely chopped
      • 1 leek, white and green parts well cleaned and coarsely chopped
      • 6-8 whole crushed garlic cloves
      • 2 Bay leaves
      • 10 Peppercorns
      • 1 TBL sea salt
      • Water to cover

      Last hour of cooking add:

      • Handful of Parsley
      • 3 Sprigs Dill

      Cover ingredients with water. Bring stock to a boil and let simmer for 12-20 hours.  I start it at night and simmer until the morning.

      Remove chicken and set meat aside.  Separate broth, put into a container, and set aside. Let cool before putting into refrigerator.   Save carrots, onions and leeks (white part only), to puree if desire.  Put everything in refrigerator. By the end of day the fat will have risen.  Skim fat off if so desire, however that fat is full of beneficial Omega 3’s. I recommend keeping some and stirring it back in.

      Making the soup:

      Heat stock in pot, add shredded chicken from stock, thinly sliced carrots for a clear broth or use saved vegetables from stock, pureed for a heartier very tasty soup.  Season soup with salt and pepper.  Add cooked noodles or cooked rice if desired.  Other vegetables to add: green beans, zucchini, bok choy, shitake mushrooms or other yummy veggies.  Keeps for 4-5 days, freezing extra stock for another day.

      NOTE:  When sick its a good idea to stay away from all dairy, animal protein and sugary foods.  These foods feed the mucus/phlegm in our body, making a cold last longer.