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      Nectarine Lemon Verbena Jam (No Pectin and Low Sugar)

      • July 26, 2017
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      When our friend Laura brought Meg and me a jar of this insanely tasting nectarine lemon verbena jam at the end of last summer, we knew this was going to be a must have recipe to share with you. Talk about a flavor-gasim and a great way to savor summer fruit! It’s a 2 day no peal process that is a super easy alternative to traditional jamming. It’s not overly time consuming and the results will keep your taste-buds pining for more everyday. Eat it on toast, top it over your favorite chevre cheese for an outstanding appetizer, smear it over chicken or pork and bake it, top it over ice cream, or add it into our summer cake recipe coming soon. Preserve it or refrigerate it or give it to your most deserving of friends. Truly this is the easiest jam recipe we have ever made and can be made with all your favorite summer stone fruits.

      Scroll down for the full Nectarine Lemon Verbena Jam recipe and Watch recipe video HERE!

      Day 1

      Day 2

      Nectarine Lemon Verbena Jam

      Prep Time
      Cook Time
      Day 1: 20 minutes || Day 2: 10 minutes Day 1: no cooking || Day 2: 1 hour
      • 1 large lemon:  Lemon zest~ Use the entire outside yellow layer of the lemon. Try not to get the white part just below the yellow. About 1 1/2 tsp.  Hint: Zest first before you juice the lemon.
      • Lemon Juice~ ¼ C + 2 tsp. If there's only a little bit left, use it all.
      • 8 C sliced nectarines, (white, yellow or mango nectarines), peaches or a mix (about 3 pounds or more)
      • 2 ¼ C organic cane sugar
      • Pinch of Celtic sea salt
      • 18+ sprigs lemon verbena with approximately 10-15 leaves per sprig (leave the leaves on the springs for easy removal)
      • * Note: we have a lemon verbena plant growing in a pot in the yard, or you can purchase stalks at a farmers market, or a nursery while in season. Buy the plant and use the leaves for tea, in baking or cooking. Lemon Verbena is a hardy plant that has multiple uses and benefits.
      Day 1- Prepare the nectarines and all of the ingredients the night before. Store in a glass or other container with a lid in the refrigerator.Day 2- Strain the juice from the fruit and place the liquid into a medium pot. It will yield about 2-3 Cups of liquid. Set the fruit and lemon verbena aside.- Place pot on stove at a medium high heat.  Once it comes to a boil, reduce to a medium simmer allowing the fruit juice to reduce and thicken. (About 25-30 minutes)- Once juice has thickened, stir fruit and lemon verbena stalks into the reduced juice and continue to cook down the fruit for about 20 minutes or more. The jam will continue to thicken.- Once jam is to your desired thickness, remove from heat. Carefully remove lemon verbena stalks and carefully pour hot jam into cleaned jars.(Makes 4 half pint jars)- At this point you may refrigerate, which we did, or you can hot water bathe or “can” to preserve the jam.- Here is the link for an easy step by step on how to preserve your jam by canning it.