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      Published Materials

      Megan and Peggy for Curry Girls Kitchen

      Peggy Curry for GrowingGreat

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      • City Council of Torrance Certificate of Recognition, “Extending heartfelt Congratulations upon being named the Switzer Learning Center’s 2006 South Bay Woman of the Year. April 2006.
      • County of Los Angeles Commendation, “In recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles County. April 2006.
      • California Legislature Assembly, Certificate of Recognition “In Recognition and Appreciation for Exemplary Dedication and Commitment to the Spirit of Community Service and Volunteerism.” April 2006.
      • California State Senate, Certificate of Recognition “In honor of your generous volunteer spirit, outstanding leadership and exceptional commitment to making a difference in our community at the Switzer Center’s South Bay Woman of the Year for Health and Nutrition.” April 2006.
      • Switzer Learning Center 2006 South Bay Woman of the Year for Health and Nutrition, “For Planting Seeds of Knowledge and Inspiring Healthy Eating in Thousands of Elementary and Middle School Children with Comprehensive Nutrition Curriculum, School Campus Gardens and Farmers’ Markets. April 21, 2006.

      Peggy Curry for Kitchen Blessings

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      Peggy Curry for Evy’s Garden

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