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      Gluten Free Noodle Kugel

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      Sweet or Savory gluten free noodle kugel will have your heart and maybe your soul.

      Growing up in a Jewish family noodle kugel was a traditional dish that was served at every family celebration and or holiday, with the exception of Passover. Noodle kugel or luchen kugel, is also made either sweet or savory depending what part of Europe your ancestors came from. My mother Evy’s recipe is the sweet version. Everyone loved her recipe because it simply was soul satisfying, sweet and delicious.

      Once diagnosed gluten free, it was a sad for our family because many of our traditional family dishes we loved so much, we could no longer eat because there weren’t any gluten free egg noodle options.

      Thank heaven for Jovial Foods who created a superior gluten free wide egg noodle, tagliatelle, worthy of reviving my mom’s recipe. It makes my heart so happy to share Nana Evy’s delicious noodle kugel with you just in time for your next holiday celebration.

      Not into a sweet noodle dish? Try our savory wild mushroom spaghetti squash casserole for a flavorful noodle-like dish sans the pasta!

      WATCH our latest recipe video.

      Keep scrolling for the full recipe.

      koogle in pan

      Gluten Free Noodle Kugel


      2 9oz. boxes Jovial Tagliatelle egg noodles (you will use a box and about a half of noodles)

      12 large eggs

      1 large container cottage cheese (full fat IS yummier) large curd best, small works fine too!

      1/2 of small container regular sour cream

      1 cup dried and reconstituted* OR 1-2 fresh apricots or peaches peeled and diced (love fresh)

      1 cup organic raisins

      1 stick melted butter, (add over hot noodles to melt)

      1/2 C organic coconut or cane sugar

      1/2 tsp.-1 tsp vanilla extract

      2 Tbsp. brown sugar

      koogle ingredients used

      Method for making gluten free noodle kugel and the crispy topping

      1. To reconstitute dried apricots, soak in hot water until softened. About 30 minutes. Drain before adding them into recipe.
      2. Cook egg noodles and drain.
      3. Place drained noodles in a 9 x 13 glass baking dish and add a stick of butter.
      4. Mix well as butter melts.
      5. In a large mixing bowl blend together remaining ingredients EXCEPT COOKED noodles.  After all ingredients are well blended, mix in with the noodles.
      6. Last, top noodle kugel with topping mixture.

      Crispy Topping for gluten free noodle kugel:

      1 C crushed gluten free corn flakes cereal

      1/2 stick butter softened

      1/4 C packed brown or coconut sugar

      1 tsp. cinnamon

      Method for making crispy topping for gluten free noodle kugel:

      1. In a strong plastic bag, use a rolling pin to crush cereal.
      2. Using a pastry blender or your hands, blend all topping ingredients together until crumbly and sprinkle over noodle mixture
      3. Bake noodle kugel for 45-60 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven.  Kugel is done when browned on top and knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.


      • Recipe may be halved to serve 6
      • Recipe may be made 1 day ahead and reheated in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Remove from refrigerator and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to re-heating.

      Koogle uncooked in pan

      koogle topping

      koogle unbaked with topping


      koogle plated 2

      Jovial’s Gluten Free Gnudi

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      Gluten Free Gnudi was one of the favorite recipes we learned how to make at Jovial’s Culinary Getaway in Lucca, Italy! We are so excited to share with you this recipe and our magical foodie adventure that will forever be cherished. 

      Meg and I were able to film GNUDI with Carla Bartolucci, the founder of Jovial Foods. Gnudi is one of her family’s favorite traditional Italian recipes. We thought, what the heck is a gnudi? We hadn’t ever heard of it before, so it was exciting to make something new. Gnudi is a cloud like dumpling similar to the tasty innards of ravioli and the texture of gnocchi. Its boiled in water and then eaten in a light herb sauce. Gnudies make a yummy appetizer, side or main dish. Megs and I are super excited for you to try this inside out pasta dish!

      Watch our newest video below and keep on scrolling for the full recipe and all the fun pictures and antidotes from our trip.

      Jovial’s Culinary Getaway is specific for gluten free and celiacs of all ages!  Just outside of Lucca is the magnificent Italian Villa Boccella with it’s gorgeous grounds, beautiful accommodations, and loving hosts. We squealed with joy and pinched ourselves daily. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to eat gluten free all throughout Italy! We found Italians to be extremely accommodating and sensitive to those with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. We also found many gluten-free choices in restaurants, gelaterias, even gluten free specific pastry shops!

      Villa entrance.

      A room with a view

      Great news is that you too can attend these culinary adventures! Take your BFF, your life partner, your mom, daughter, son, anyone who loves to eat and travel to far away places.  You feel so taken care of, you forget that you even have a digestive disorder. It is truly an over the top delicious experience we highly recommended! Not gluten free, Jovial has getaways for you too.

      Meg and I thoroughly enjoyed all the gluten free cooking classes taught by Carla. She is a beautiful soft spoken passionate mom, business woman and chef who teaches from her heart and soul.  You just want to hang out with her in the kitchen all day long, learning, prepping, cooking and taking in all her knowledge and seasonal foodie tips. We were able to do just that when we weren’t out and about exploring.

      Carla making her marinara sauce.

      Making sure we documented it all!!!

      Lucca is a beautiful and charming walled city about a 15 minute drive from the villa. We meandered through small cobblestone streets and ate delicious gluten free meals when not at the villa.  Every where we went people were genuinely warm, friendly and helpful.

      Lucca, Italy

      It was great to have days off where there was so much to do and see. So off we went with with our fellow students visiting the surrounding country sides, villages meeting cheese makers, blacksmiths and driving up high mountain tops to insane towns. And yes, we shopped, unbelievable shopping! It’s everything you might imagine only more, right out of a movie set!

      On one of our free days we visited Barga


      Volterra is an awesome village high up in Tuscany.

      Streets of Volterra. Pegs LOVED the laundry everywhere we went.

      Cheese making in Vitiana~comune di coreglia. Fantastic local artisan tours from Sapori & Saperi 


      Pecorino Romano wheels.

      Meet our 80+ year young passionate blacksmith. Making tools for home and garden the old fashioned way passed down for generations in his family for the last 500 years! Awesome tours Sapori & Saperi

      Megs new camping knife!

      Pegs Messaluna mincing knife!

      We learned how to bake from scratch bread, pasta and baked goodies.  It was a good thing we were coming home to one of our cleanse workshops! We both felt like little kids getting to eat everything without the worries or “no, sorry you cant eat that”.

      Pasta making 101

      Gluten free sourdough bread making! Crunchy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside.

      Making the best ever hamburger buns!

      Winners of the pastry bake-off!!! Pegs, Maggie and Alyssa’s Chocolate Cake!

      Meg’s group made amazing Rugelach!

      The winner~chocolate cake!

      Our Jovial family=Love

      Making anything from scratch can be completely intimidating, especially gluten free pasta and bread. But we learned its not that  difficult given the right ingredients and direction. It just takes a little practice and patience. However, if it still feels a bit much, Jovial makes hands down, the best gluten free packaged Italian pastas. Curry Girls has lots of wonderful recipes using their pastas. Some of our family favorite recipes include: green pesto pasta, spinach manicotti , Shrimp Alfredo or noodle kugle  ~ all great for the holidays or anytime of the year! Jovial also posts delicious seasonal recipes that are simple with few ingredients, as we learned, it’s the “Italian way”. Try Jovial’s roasted cauliflower spaghetti recipe, or click HERE for more recipes.

      Jovial’s Gluten-Free Gnudi


      ½ pound (225 g) Swiss chard, spinach or your favorite leafy greens (thick stems removed)

      ½ cup (125 g) whole milk ricotta cheese or dairy free options (Kite Hill Vegan dairy free ricotta)

      Pinch of salt

      Pinch of pepper

      Pinch of fresh ground nutmeg

      ¾ cup (50 g) Parmigiano Reggiano grated cheese or Pecorino Romano (sheep) or Vegan Parma

      1 large egg (55 g)

      Up to ½ cup (60 g) jovial No.1 Gluten Free Bread Flour

      1 small bunch of sage leaves

      1 stick of unsalted butter or goat butter or dairy free butter alternative

      Method How to Make Delicious Gluten Free Gnudi:

      1. Remove the stem from the Swiss chard and boil in unsalted water until soft, about 7 minutes. Chop fine. Once cooled, squeeze excess water from the greens.
      2. Drain ricotta in a colander and gently press out any excess liquid.
      3. In a medium bowl, combine the greens, ricotta, Parmigiano, salt, pepper, and nutmeg to taste. Make a well in the center of the mixture, add the egg and beat well until the yolk and white are combined. Mix the egg into the mixture until incorporated.
      4. Add the flour, ¼ cup (30 g) at a time, until the mixture holds together but is still wet and sticky, not dry.
      5. Roll pieces into an oval shape about the size of a small meatball. Lightly roll in flour and place on a sheet pan until ready to cook.
      6. Bring 4 quarts of water to a rolling boil, add 1 tablespoon of sea salt or to taste. Drop in the gnudi one by one, bring the water back to a rolling boil and check for doneness after 3-4 minutes.
      7. The cooking time will depend on how big you have rolled the gnudi out.
      8. You may need extra flour in the dough if you didn’t press as much moisture out of the greens.  Add just enough flour so that you can form them without having them stick to your hands.
      9. For a batch of gnudi for 4, you will simmer 10 fresh sage leaves with one stick of unsalted butter, a large pinch of salt, in a large skillet until the butter starts to bubble, but do not brown the butter.
      10. Gently toss the gnudi in the butter and serve.

        Drain ricotta.

      Shaping the gnudi.

      Arrivederci! A presto! Buongiorno! Ciao!

      Cheers to your delicious dreams and may they all come true in 2018!

      Thank you Jovial for making our dreams come true!

      Gluten Free Thanksgiving Leftover Patties

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      Hello to all the deliciousness this holiday brings especially with the plethora of tasty dishes that beg to be re-purposed! In our house we cherish leftovers!  And Thanksgiving is no exception. So Pegs came up with these gluten free patties and that gives a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving leftovers.

      Curry Girls Thanksgiving day two starts bright and early. We begin the day putting all the dessert leftovers on the kitchen table. Armed with forks in hand, no plates necessary, we dig into our  Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin squares, pecan squares, or the chocolate fluff. Oh the fluff, recipe coming soon.  Day two ritual starts with big smiles.

      Our family dinner tradition is making cheezy gooey gluten free monte cristos  topped with Grandma’s homemade relish. Oh yes!  Those sandwiches pair perfectly with  our homemade turkey soup that Pegs puts up before she goes to bed. It simmers all night and is ready in the morning.

      This year we created another wonderful way to adorn our leftovers. Gluten Free, with dairy free options~Thanksgiving Leftover Patties. They can be 100% vegetarian or you can add in chopped turkey to these delectable quinoa wild rice or stuffing enhanced patties.

      For another delicious plant based patty option try our friend Alyssa’s sweet quinoa potato fritter from Simply Quinoa! 5 Ingredients of total yum!

      Be sure to keep scrolling down to get the full recipe for these patties.



      1 Cup leftover turkey, minced

      2 Cups leftover roasted veggies, minced

      1-2 Cups leftover wild rice, quinoa, stuffing, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes ( 2 cups total if not using the turkey)

      1/2  Cup each:  chopped onions and mushrooms (used shiitakes)

      2-3 cloves minced garlic cloves

      1/4 C Pecorino Romano grated cheese or vegan parma or Kite Hill feta style

      1/2 -1 Cup crushed Simple Mills rosemary crackers

      2 Egg’s

      Coconut Oil


      1. Mince or finely chop your leftover turkey and vegetables.
      2. Saute onions mushrooms and garlic until soft.
      3. In a bowl add all your ingredients, and mix thoroughly with a spoon or your hands.
      4.  Heat a skillet on medium high heat.
      5. Add 2-3 Tbsp. coconut oil.
      6. Form mixture into patties. Makes about 6-8 patties.
      7. Fry for about 3 minutes per side.
      8. Can be topped with cheese or cashew pepper jack cheese.




      Gluten Free Lemon Orzo

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      Gluten-Free Lemon Orzo was a bonus find this summer at Steamboat Springs Farmer’s Market.  Many of you know that Megs and I are Farmers Market lovers. Besides all of the seasonal fruits, veggies, eggs, or yummy foodie stuff we bring home each week, every now and then we come across a surprising product. Case in point. This delicious gluten-free, vegan lemon orzo. When I first prepared it, I was blown away by how unbelievably lemony it was. Truly a flavor gasim!

      My mind started thinking of all the dishes I might create using this orzo.  Today we share our newest recipe video on how to make this super flavorful side or main dish. Great for holiday or dinner parties even picnics. It’s  easy and fast to prepare, great as is or go ahead and get crazy adding other tasty ingredients. Please do share and tell us about it.  I also love that you can buy it on-line making it easy for everyone anywhere to get it, and we’ve linked it right here just for you. Lemon Orzo

      Preparing for Thanksgiving? The Curry Girls Have You Covered.

      Thanksgiving is almost here and Curry Girls has many wonderful gluten-free and dairy free recipes perfect to adorn your holiday table! In addition to this lemon garlic orzo try our Sauteed Brussel sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and carrot , or maybe you would like to a new lighter version of mashed potatoes mashed parsnips and cauliflower.

      In need of a great gluten-free stuffing recipe? Check out our tasty gluten free stuffing. Literally no one can tell the difference. The secret is the ingredients. Udi’s Whole Grain Gluten-Free Bread, makes the best cubes for your stuffing hands down! Who needs turkey when you have stuffing, veggies, mashers, peas and gravy! Every year I ask do we really need the turkey? The answer, TRADITION.

      Curry Girls has all your Thanksgiving needs in one place. Check it out HERE as we help you plan your week ahead all the way down to the very last minute of placing it on your beautiful table hot and ready to serve.  May your holiday be deliciously blessed. Love, Megs and Pegs

      Watch our new recipe video below. And for the full transcribed orzo recipe keep on scrolling.

      Gluten-Free Lemon Orzo Recipe


      • 1-2 Cups cooked gluten-free, vegan lemon orzo 
      • 1/2-1 Cup diced shiitake or other brown mushrooms
      • 1/2 Cup leeks, chopped
      • 1 shallot, minced (2 Tbsp.)
      • 1-2 Cups baby spinach, washed and slivered
      • Celtic Sea Salt and pepper to taste.
      • 2 Tbsp. Olive oil

      How to Make Our Lemon Orzo Recipe

      1. Cook orzo according to directions on the package. Rinse and set it aside until ready to use.
      2. In a medium skillet, heat 2 Tbsp. olive oil.
      3. Add mushrooms, onions, leeks and shallots to the pan.
      4. Cover and let the vegetables brown.
      5. Add cooked orzo and uncooked slivered spinach.
      6. Toss all the ingredients. Taste and adjust seasonings. A pinch of salt and or a little fresh ground pepper.
      7. Ready to serve. If made a day ahead, reheat in a skillet with a little oil on low heat. Cover and re-heat for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork.

      Orzo cooks up like rice, only it’s pasta. Drain before using.

      Caramelizing mushrooms, leeks and shallots.

      We love options! Top your lemony orzo with wild sea scallops or arctic pink shrimp for a quick nightly dinner!

      Conclusion: Wonder Where to Buy Gluten-Free Orzo?

      Forget a substitute for orzo, just buy a wonderful gluten-free rendition from our friends at Nan’s Gourmet Foods. You can purchase this lemon garlic gluten-free vegan orzo direct at Nan’s Gourmet Foods  or HERE on amazon.

      Clean Snickers Candy Bar Bites

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      We first made these snicker bars from the Clean Eats cookbook by Dr. Alejandro Junger. They were the larger candy bar version, and absolutely delicious! These were the ultimate treat while doing the cleanse. However, being that they were so large, I decided to make bite-sized versions of them…

      Are Snickers Gluten Free?

      Nope! But good news, our homemade snickers bars are! 🙂

      They are the perfect sweet treat, great to bring to a dinner party or gifting to friends. You can feel completely guilt-free eating these as well!

      Packed with benefits: almonds are a good source of protein, maca balances our hormones, boots our immune system and energy, and cacao from the raw chocolate is packed with antioxidants.

      These are a feel-good treat, just in time for Halloween too! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!! XO megs

      Scroll down for full recipe or watch our wonderful video recipe below. 🙂

      Homemade Gluten Free Snickers Candy Bar Bites

      Prep Time: 10 Minutes

      Cooking Time: 30  Minutes

      Ingredients: BASE OF BAR

      Ingredients: CHOCOLATE COATING

      • 1 lb. 70 percent or higher Chocolate, unsweetened (2 full bars of chocolate)
      • ¼ Cup Coconut sugar
      • ½ tsp. Vanilla extract
      • Pinch of Salt

      Ingredients: DATE FILLING

      • ½ Cup Medjool dates, pitted (fully packed ½ cup!)
      • 1 Tbl. water
      • 2 tsp. Coconut oil, melted
      • Pinch of Salt
      • ¼ Cup Almonds, chopped (to put on top of date filling)

      Method: How to Make Our Homemade Snickers Bars!

      1. In a food processor, grind the almonds first. Then add the rest of the base ingredients into food processor with ground almonds and mix together.
      2. Evenly distribute snicker bar base into BPA free silicon ice tray and then place in refrigerator or freezer for 10-15 minutes.
      3. Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Place one inch of water in the bottom of a pot, and place chocolate in a glass boiler bowl on top of the water. Mix chocolate occasionally so it doesn’t burn. Once completely melted, add the coconut sugar, vanilla extract and salt. Mix until sugar is combined and then remove from heat.
      4. In the food processor, add dates, water, melted coconut oil, and salt. Mix until dates are a “caramel” texture, might have to stop and scrape down sides a few times in order to fully blend all the dates to a “thick and gooey” consistency.
      5. Remove snicker bar base from being chilled. Evenly distribute the “caramel-like” date paste on top of the base and sprinkle chopped almonds on top. Next, evenly spoon the melted chocolate on top of the date and almonds and smooth out. Optional: add more chopped almonds on top of melted chocolate as well!
      6. Place try back into refrigerator or freezer for 10-15 minutes, or until the chocolate has solidified. And then enjoy!!

      *Watch recipe video HERE!

      Chinese Chicken Salad With Gluten Free Salad Dressing!

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      I’ve been eating Chinese chicken salad since I was a kid. There is a local restaurant down the street from our house that we used to order this salad all the time. I fondly remember late nights on the beach and on our walks home, picking up Chinese Chicken Salad for the entire family. I especially loved the tart dressing with moist roasted chicken and the sweet almond crunch. I don’t eat much chicken anymore, so I’ll substitute chickpeas or Tempha as my protein; and it’s equally as delicious! So enjoy my rendition of this clean and refreshing salad bowl, with our gluten free and dairy free salad dressing!

      If you want to browse some of our other dressings (like a gluten-free caesar) see our other posts!

      This is an easy salad to throw together for 1 or 2 people, and great when doubled or tripled. It’s perfect for the Indian Summer we are currently experiencing. Our tip is to prep extra salad ingredients just in case guests show up or you want left overs for your next day’s lunch! xx Megs

      Watch the our HD video recipe below, or scroll down for the full gluten free dairy free salad recipe. Enjoy 🙂

      Here’s Our Gluten Free Chinese Chicken Salad & Dressing Recipe

      Prep Time: 15-20 Minutes

      Ingredients (Salad): 

      • 1 head Romaine lettuce, about 2 cups chopped
      • 1 Cup Radicchio, shredded
      • 1 Cup Chicken, chopped or shredded (pre-cooked rotisserie chicken)
      • ½ Cup Carrots, shredded
      • ½ Cup Green onions, diced

      Ingredients (Gluten Free Dairy Free Dressing): 

      • ¼ Cup Sunflower oil
      • ¼ Cup Wheat-free Tamari soy sauce (We really like this brand)
      • 2 Tablespoons Sesame oil
      • 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider vinegar (Make sure to get Apple Cider Vinegar with “the Mother,” as it promotes growth of healthy bacteria in the gut)
      • 1–2 Tablespoons Coconut sugar
      • 1 Tablespoon Ginger, grated or chopped
      • 1 Garlic clove
      • Dash of Pepper and Salt to taste

      Side note: If you want a great carrot-ginger gluten-free dressing check out our friend’s. 🙂

      How to Make Our Salad & Dressing: 

      • Assemble all salad ingredients in the bowl except the limes. Set aside.
      • Mix all dressing ingredients in a bowl with only 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar. After thoroughly combined, taste and adjust sweetness.
      • Lightly dress salad and plate with limes.

      Watch our recipe video HERE

      Homemade Horchata

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      Horchata Smoothie (dairy free)

      Mexican food is a Curry household staple! Growing up Meg’s loved going to the local hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant right around the corner from our house. She would always order the #2 with horchata. That creamy cinnamon milk was so rich and decadent! As Megs got older, she began consuming less dairy, which meant no more horchata.  However, once she started adding coconut milk into her smoothies, she noticed how similar it tasted to that nostalgic sweet cinnamon milk! This is Meg’s “better-for-you” Horchata recipe that has an ingredient that will surely take you by surprise~ it did Peg’s! It’s a feel good drink that’s awesomely delicious AND good for you!

      Watch our recipe video HERELet us know what you think!


      Homemade Horchata

      Green Goddess Dressing

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      Green Goddess Salad Dressing (Dairy Free & Vegan option)

      Evy, Peg’s mom, made green goddess salad dressing for her family. It’s one of those memory foods for Pegs that’s reminiscent of her childhood. It is a strong bold creamy dressing that can also be used as dip or sauce. Green Goddess typically uses mayonnaise, however we’ve eliminated the mayo and use Veganaise or Majestic garlic spread. Instead of anchovies, we use flax seed oil to give it the same taste but without the fish for all our vegan friends!

      Enjoy this dressing over crispy romaine hearts, as a dip for your veggie platters, or generously drizzle over your Buddha bowl. This re-do of a delicious dressing from generations past is full of beneficial ingredients, and we know it will capture your heart and taste buds.

      Scroll down for full recipe and watch our recipe video HERE!

      Green Goddess Dressing

      Roasted Grape Fall Salad

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      Roasted Grape Fall Salad

      NEW obsession~roasting grapes! Talk about multiple mouth gasims, this is your go to for making salads pop like crazy! We’ve added sweet potato croutons, shaved fennel, almond feta, a little spicy greens with fresh herbs for this fabulous new salad topped with a citrus dressing that will truly wow your guests and make you feel like a 4 star chef!

      We’re switching out some of our old fav salad additions like cranberries, persimmons, and pomegranates after tasting a new variety of honey grapes at our farmers market~ oh my Peg’s was in heaven! Eaten raw, frozen or roasted these grapes will make your taste buds happy! Hale to the those who roast grapes! I’m sure we are not the first to do this, however we are truly happy we discovered them and are sharing this recipe with you! Oh and BTW these roasted grapes are sisters to the raisin, only better!

      Scroll down for the recipe, and watch our recipe video HERE

      Roasted grapes

      Fall Salad ingredients

      Citrus vinaigrette ingredients

      Sweet potato croutons

      Roasted Grape Fall Salad

      Sweet Potato Croutons

      1024 1024 Curry Girls Kitchen

      Paleo Sweet Potato Croutons

      Sweet potato croutons will be be the hit of your next salad, we promise! These tasty crunchy morsels of deliciousness will add that additional flavor and color in your salad! Make lots, because as they cool, they will disappear quickly! They are an extremely satisfying bread replacement in salad or other grain bowls.

      To make life even easier for those with limited time, buy Stahlbush Island Farms frozen cubed sweet potatoes, or many grocery stores now have a prepped section in their produce isle  with fresh and ready to go veggies. However the fresh ones will be a bit pricier. This simple recipe will help you practice your dicing skills!

      Meg’s thanks her client Andrea for sharing this fun recipe with us. She initially got Meg to make these croutons in her family’s salad hoping to get her 4 small children to eat them. Success!  After making them we kept seeing multiple versions everywhere… even our dear friend Danika  serves them in her Model Meals delivery service.

      After playing around with a few recipes, and using different kinds of flours, Meg ultimately settled on this recipe, because it’s the least complicated and tasted equally delicious.  There is minimal labor and clean up, AND due to the small crouton size, they take no time to cook.

      Scroll down for the full recipe and watch our recipe video HERE!

      Sweet Potato Croutons