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      The Best Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes

      Do you have dietary requirements that force you to go gluten and dairy free? Or perhaps you’ve just decided that excluding gluten and dairy from your diet is the way to go (good for you!) In any case, finding recipes that are both right for your lifestyle and delicious can be quite the challenge.

      That’s why we decided to create this page, amongst our other recipe page “hubs,” for YOU! As we continue to come up with new recipes here at Curry Girls Kitchen (we come up with new ones every week), we want to make it easier for our readers to find the recipes tailored to their specific needs.

      **This is a living page!**

      We will always be updating it. Our goal is to make it the latest and greatest full online recipe book for gluten free dairy free recipes. For any meal of the day!

      But before we get started…

      benefits of a gluten & dairy free diet

      Gluten is the main protein found in wheat, barley, and rye and is quite the culprit for causing inflammation within the body!

      This inflammation can cause issues in the gut leading to many negative symptoms and/or diseases including; headaches, chronic fatigue, and various autoimmune disorders.

      For a long time, it was believed that the only people who should avoid gluten were those diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD), and that whole grains were a superfood we should be eating a recommended 6 to 8 servings a day of! But, as we now know, “it’s possible to have gluten intolerance without having celiac disease–a condition known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).”

      And grains are not the nutrient-dense superfoods we once thought they were, not even “whole grains!”

      In fact, due to many factors such as harmful modern farming and processing methods, most grains found in our supermarkets today are not at all beneficial to the human diet, gluten intolerant or not!

      Avoiding gluten can keep energy high and the gut healthy! Like it has for our family!

      Dairy can be harmful due to the process of pasteurization. Milk is heated to 150 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes before it’s stored under 55 degrees. This process “kills off the beneficial probiotics in the milk, denatures milk proteins, and basically transforms milk from a source of nutrition into a source of many health problems.

      Dairy intolerances are derived from the harmful proteins in milk, casein and BCM-7.

      Again, similar to gluten, avoiding dairy can keep your gut happy and healthy. Leading to an overall healthy, high energy you!

      gluten free dairy free breakfast

      A creamy, probiotic-packed, brain food smoothie perfect to start your day!

      Add fresh fruit and yogurt and you’ve got yourself a quick and tasty breakfast

      Nutrient-dense figs, spinach and chia seeds are the stars of this delicious recipe!

      A great way to prepare a nourishing meal the night before and grab and go in the morning!

      Filled with great protein, beneficial fats, and complex carbohydrates without processed sugars. They will keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours!

      Sweet and savory with carrots, zucchini, dates, and currants, great for breakfast or an on the go snack!

      This antioxidant and nutrient-rich smoothie will leave you feeling full of energy, focused and ready for the day!

      Gluten Free Dairy Free Lunch Ideas

      Hearty coconut clam chowder soup…enjoy with a crusty baguette and salad!

      Clean and refreshing salad bowl, with our gluten and dairy free dressing.

      Black bean burgers highlighted by toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, caramelized veggies and flavorful herbs and spices!

      Versatile bowl with simple and tasty ingredients! Delicious with cotija cheese crumbled on top or dairy-free almond feta.

      Two yummy, quick lunch options perfect for repurposing leftovers!

      Rich, comforting, perfect for a fall lunch (or light dinner!)

      Many variations on this DIY taco salad! It’s fun and oh so tasty!

      Gluten Free Dairy Free Snack Ideas

      Think chocolate truffle meets Ferrero Rocher, only completely guilt-free with lots of benefit!

      If you are looking for a great dairy-free, protein-rich yogurt recipe…look no further!

      Clean and light snack bowl packed with yummy, brain-boosting ingredients (makes a great breakfast too!)

      GREAT for a snack, recovery, or anytime you’re feeling the chocolate urge!

      Looking for a beneficial high energy, protein-packed snack? This is it!

      Adding turmeric to the coconut rice adds another wonderful benefit to this tasty, kid-friendly treat!

      Persimmons are chock-full of amazing-for-you nutrients and pair wonderfully with pumpkin spice!

      Fresh plum sauce is the highlight of this delightful recipe!

      Try this fun twist on an old favorite! Sweet strawberries blended with the nut butter of your choice!

      Super moist chocolatey wonders that actually get better with age! (Also a great healthy dessert or decadent breakfast option)

      Cookies that you feel great about giving AND eating! Delicious and nutritious!

      Gluten Free Dairy Free Appetizers

      Show-stopping appetizer for any crab cake lover, gluten and dairy free or not!

      Slightly spicy and savory grilled shrimp, so easy to make!

      Crispy and delicious guilt-free fried latkes!

      Makes a great appetizer, side, or base for sauteed vegetables, Ratatouille, wild mushroom, chicken ragu, the list goes on!

      Be sure to use Italian or Mexican zucchini for a milder and sweeter taste!

      Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinner Recipes

      The buttermilk alternative in this recipe adds a better-for-you twist to traditional fried chicken (bonus, it’s kid-friendly too!)

      These flavor-filled cheesy stuffed burgers can be made vegan and dairy free to suit your needs, making them perfect for a satisfying dinner (great for lunch as well!)

      Spicy Sriracha sauce adds great flavor to this easy to prepare, super stress-free salmon dish!

      Authentic Italian comfort food from the founder of our favorite gluten free pasta brand! Complete with dairy-free alternatives.

      Try this super flavorful casserole for a satisfying and completely guilt-free dinner!

      This classic Italian recipe is a perfect opportunity to make your own dairy free parmesan!

      Great recipe to spice up your dinner menu! Serve with toasted baguette slices, rice, rice noodles, or even some thick cut fries!

      Gluten Free Dairy Free Dessert Recipes

      Make sure to get full-fat coconut milk! In “light coconut milk” all they are doing is adding water.

      This recipe uses almond butter instead of traditional butter to keep it deliciously dairy free! Sun-butter is another tasty alternative if you have a nut allergy.

      A delicious “better-for-you” horchata recipe with a surprising ingredient! Perfect for a light dessert!

      Frozen nectarines, peaches, plums or berries, blended with creamy coconut milk and a dash of honey and lime!

      Coconut yogurt or our homemade almond milk yogurt makes this a satisfying dairy-free treat all year long!

      Funfetti cake complete with decadent buttercream frosting (dairy free options included of course!)

      Use any of your dairy-free milk alternatives for this rich and lusciously smooth chocolate mousse!

      Serve with coconut whip cream or cashew cream for a wonderful dairy free CLEAN topping.

      There’s enough chocolate packed into this decadent pudding to cure any fix (BONUS it’s good for you too!)

      So easy to make, super delicious, and perfect for gift giving this holiday season!

      These are a delish feel-great treat packed with benefits! Perfect to bring to a dinner party or gifting to friends.

      These are mounds of feel goodness in each bite, topping with chocolate just ups the yum factor!

      gluten free dairy free extras

      A bold creamy re-do of a delicious dressing that can also be used as dip or sauce!

      Great over pasta, on sandwiches, on pizza, as a marinade…so many wonderful uses!

      Easy to make low sugar jam has an amazing, intense strawberry flavor!

      Versatile stone fruit jam that will keep your taste-buds pining for more!

      The sweet, floral Meyer lemon is the highlight of our staple house dressing!