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      Summer Sangria

      • July 20, 2017
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      Everyone is talking about “summer water”, but we are over here talking about summer JUICE!! Summertime Sangria uses all the seasonal stone fruits and another kind of rosé …

      Sangria is one of my favorite drinks of the summer. Sweetened naturally with fruit and served chilled or over ice – you can’t go wrong. Whatever fruit you have on hand will do! During summer, we have peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, cherries… and more. These fruits are all known as stone fruits due to their “stone” pits.

      Instead of using a rosé wine, I found another fun sparkling drink to use instead! While pursuing the aisles at Whole Foods Market I came across one of my favorite drinks ~ KOMBUCHA! GTs has some of my favorite flavors and while looking through the assortment I found their rosé! I love having a little bubbles in my drink and since I prefer white wines in my sangria, I thought how perfect this could be!

      Truly any white or blend will work in sangria! I personally love using Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. If you have a favorite, use it! I recently have been obsessing over Emmolo’s Sauvignon Blanc, but another less expensive go-to is Rebel Coast Winery’s Sunday Funday blend.

      All you need is 4 simple ingredients, yourself, and some friends for this good time! Let us know what fruits you used, or any other combinations you came up with. We hope you enjoy this recipe!!

      Scroll down for full recipe, and watch our recipe video HERE!

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      Summer Sangria

      Prep Time
      Cook Time
      15 minutes 30 minutes
      • 1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or Rosé, chilled
      • 1 bottle GT's Classic Rosé Kombucha, chilled
      • 1 small yellow nectarine, sliced
      • 1 small white nectarine, sliced
      • 1 small yellow peach, sliced
      • 1 small plum, sliced
      • ½ - ¼ C raspberries, fresh or frozen
      • Triple Sec, enough to cover fruit

      - Soak sliced fruit, except for the raspberries, in triple sec for 30 minutes or overnight. If you soak over night, it tends to get mushy.

      - In a large bowl (not pan as I said in our video), gently mix wine and fruit mixture with a large spoon.

      - Add rosé kombucha into mixture or top wine glasses with it.

      - Finish each glass with a few raspberries.

      - Serve over ice or as it.