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      Curry Girls Kitchen Testimonials

      We love Peggy and are forever grateful! My son, a Manhattan Beach kid, is now an Air Force Jet Fighter Pilot. He returned home from a deployment in Afghanistan decimated from a virus that went misdiagnosed as a “chronic disease”.  His weight on the first day of his deployment was 180lbs. When he arrived home it was 134 lbs. Copious amounts of antibiotics exacerbated his deteriorating physical state; he was bleeding out and a week away from potential organ shut down. We, as his parents, prayed hard that Peggy would be our pillar of knowledge and support in what would be an extraordinary journey to our son’s healing.

      Peggy would send me recipes, text me words of encouragement, and I will never forget, hang on the phone with me as I walked the aisles of the grocery store in Destin Florida, telling me what to purchase! I loved those times as in this process.

      Sebastian is now 165 lbs., back at work and one small step away from getting back into his favorite place, the cockpit of his F-16. He is still eating his Bone Broth, making those Kefir Smoothies, and feeling thankful for the Curry Girls lead him back to a healthy and whole life.
      Doug 2017

      Cleansing with Food works! Megan and Peggy’s weekly classes, menus, recipes, workbook, and support made it super easy to do. The daily log sheet is particularly helpful. The “no alcohol” was one of the biggest benefits to me. I’ve had elevated blood sugar for most of my adult life. My blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in 20 years! It is clear to me that the improvement in my blood sugar levels is a direct result of the Clean Program, the continuation of my supplements and proper exercise.
      Reed, 2016

      In February I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  I was 39 years old with an 18-month-old son and a wonderful husband. After being given a poor prognosis I decided that, in addition to the medical treatment, I needed to gain control through diet and exercise.  Curry Girls Kitchen came highly recommended from numerous friends to assist in improving my diet.  Peggy accomplished this and so much more.  While I thought that I had been eating healthy, Peggy opened my eyes to not only the things that I should avoid, but also gave my practical ways to eat better everyday while still having tasty meals!  After 3 months I have received news of a partial remission of the cancer.  I can’t thank Peggy enough for lifting my spirit and making me feel better on a day to day basis!
      Joan, 2016

      This morning I am overwhelmed with gratitude. My daughter Shannon had a colonoscopy and endoscope yesterday to reveal the status of her Crohn’s disease before she went away to college. Her doctor told me Shannon’s colon looked “pristine” and “perfect”    There were no visible signs of disease. Thank you, Megan and Peggy for all your support on Shannon’s behalf.   She is so much healthier and stronger than before her diagnosis, and will be able to go away to college!
      She just completed her first year away at college and had a fantastic year!
      Sheila, 2015

      Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen. The October Clean(se) changed my world. I expected moderate weight loss along with an over all sense of just feeling better, but I didn’t expect my eyesight to improve! 3 weeks since the cleanse ended and I’m still feeling great and have totally changed my eating habits. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.
      Robin, 2014

      …I started this because my good friend and trainer said “you need to do this with a bunch of us from the gym.” She knows that I am always searching for ways to balance fitness and health with day to day living. Today has been a month since I started the cleanse and I feel better and healthier than ever and I have a renewed respect for food. Growing up on a farm then transplanting myself across the country has let me lose or forget some very basic food knowledge. There is no way I would have been able to accomplish this just by reading the book. Without the meals, snack ideas and support from Curry Girls Kitchen I would not have lasted 21 days. I texted Megan everyday in the beginning just to complain. Eventually it turned from strange euphoria to just overall happiness at how I felt everyday when I woke up. It’s been a week since the cleanse officially ended and I am still feeling great. I am very thankful to the Curry Girls for helping me make this transformation. I just wish I could continue to show up and have a big dinner at their house every Wednesday from now on!
      John, 2014

      Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen! I’m 6 weeks in to my 12 week program where I’m doing a modified cleanse. I’ve lost 17 lbs. and 5% body fat in these 6 weeks. I’ve upped my workout a bit but the real credit goes to my diet, specifically the shakes and meals I’ve learned from Megan and Peggy! My goal is another 17 pounds and another 5% of body fat. #currygirlskitchenfalife 🙂
      John, 2015

      In honor of Valentine’s Day, thank you Peggy & Megan Curry for teaching me a new way to love food. I never understood that food can really love you. I always thought it was a one-way relationship – either you eat yummy food or you eat clean food but you can’t have both. Now I know that you can have both! Peggy has given me the tools to share the love with my family and friends. In just 1 month, this has had a lovely impact on life. My husband and I are slowly shrugging off our mid-40 malaise and weight. We’re all sleeping better. When 20 kids went home sick from school in January, mine didn’t. My youngest’s attention span is improving. His Cs are becoming Bs and even A’s. Thanks Megan and Peggy!
      Sonia, 2014

      Cleansing with Food seemed complicated when it was first introduced to me; I wanted to understand what results to expect from each of the steps of the cleanse and Peggy easily clarified them for me. I learned to listen to my body signals, especially when I experienced foggy, dull, disconnection during the second week. Peggy helped me understand that my adrenals were sending the signal that I was over-tasking myself and that the “superwoman syndrome” is very damaging to our bodies and our minds.  I am now taking steps to focus on one thing at a time, establish boundaries for what I can do and still get the job(s) done.   When I started, I was counting the days to be finished.  I was doing the program more because I thought it would be good for me, rather than really wanting a change.  Now I am confident I will continue with this very healthy and delicious approach to meals. Peggy, you brought it all together beautifully.  I’m so pleased with my new approach to food and the benefits that come from being thoughtful about what we put in our bodies.
      Judy, 2013

      Thank you Peggy! I was really feeling hopeless about my health and Crohns disease earlier this year. Then I met Peggy and did Cleansing with Food. I am forever grateful. You’ve changed my life!
      Karen, 2013

      Cleansing with Food has been a very positive experience for me. The food has been absolutely delicious and presented in a lovely, professional manner. All the recipes are healthy and easy to make. Many thanks to Peggy and Megan!
      Simone, 2013

      “I loved Cleansing with Food and am continuing to eliminate. Thank you for introducing me to this process. It’s a life changer.”
      Sumei, 2013

      “Amazing results!! Curry Girls make is so easy and wonderful! If I can do this- anyone can…”
      Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach Mayor, 2013

      “Thank you Peggy for helping me to be a better mom and enlightened individual. The notion that we have to take care of and nourish ourselves before we’re able to be most beneficial to our families really hit home with me! Since becoming a mom this is not something I’ve done. After both of my girls were born my excited energy was so focused on them that I lost sight of my own well being. After this baby, I’ll be more mindful of how much more I can be to all of them, by taking care of me too!
      Cathy 1999

      “Peggy has totally changed my life and the lives of my family. The classes were educational, not to mention delicious. Each of the eight classes I took were done in an atmosphere of love and support. My whole approach to shopping and cooking has become much more fun and creative instead of routine. My family appreciates the love that goes into each new meal I prepare. For the first time, I appreciate food as a blessing and not just something you put in your body to sustain you. Everyone should experience Peggy and her wonderful spirit. You are missing out if you don’t.”
      Maureen, 1999

      Thank you Peggy for your commitment to not only teach other people how to cook a healthier and diverse menu, but the importance of cooking with love in your heart and hands rather than the old “what are we having for dinner tonight” dread. The menus have been wonderfully diverse and easily replicated at home.
      Kelly, 2000

      “Peggy, Thank you for touching so many people with all of your love and positive energy.  We all benefit from having you in our community and in our lives.”
      Tina, 2005

      “What can I say?  I never thought I’d say this but I really love eating healthy.  Guys, don’t think for a minute that you are going to give up good food by working with Peggy.  It ain’t gonna happen. The only things you’ll give up are expensive dining bills and all weight you gain there.
      My wife was feeling really lethargic and decided to see a nutritionist, who in turn referred her to Peggy.  Now, I was skeptical when Peggy cleaned out our entire kitchen.  I thought we were doomed.  My wife had never cooked much, and now she’s going to make three meals a day?  What were we going to eat?  This is nuts!  Gimme back my Eggos!
      But I stood by my partner’s need for change.  Peggy supported her with hands-on shopping and cooking lessons that were the inspiration she needed to commit.  This has lead to so many wonderful meals together, and now can’t wait to get home to eat.  I’ve also lost nearly ten pounds without leaving the couch.  The food is amazing and full of love, and believe me, I’m pretty adverse to statements like that.  To top it all off, I think it’s the food that’s got us planning to get married soon.  Peggy, what have you done to me!?!”
      Greg, 1999

      “Peggy’s classes are so warm and heartfelt. It is not just about a recipe, but the process you go through to develop the dish. The food is so tasteful and the classes are such an experience. You walk away with so much (e.g. samples, recipes, food lists, enthusiasm, ideas, etc.). Thank you, Peggy!”
      Kelly, 2002

      “When I first learned that Curry Girls Kitchen held regular cooking classes, I thought I should attend one to get me back in the habit of actually ‘cooking.’ I was already knowledgeable about cooking and enjoyed feeding my family, but with a career, husband and three kids we were usually eating on the go and in bit a rut with restaurant eating.  I also cringed when my daughter would imitate me in her play kitchen by pretending to turn on a microwave.  Peggy’s teachings inspired me in ways I could not have imagined.

      Thanks to your classes, our family now prioritizes eating together at mealtime.  I actually use my oven several times a day now!  I strive to give my kids, my husband and myself the most healthy snacks and meals possible.  We have stopped constantly eating at restaurants and we now enjoy our home much more.  My kids beg for salads and pesto and whole grains.  In fact, we remodeled our entire kitchen so that my three kids could have a countertop where they could sit opposite my husband or I during meal prep.

      Instead of picking up a new recipe or two, I allowed the philosophies of Curry Girls Kitchen to permeate our household with healthful, old-fashioned family meals and the art of cooking. When I am 100 years old I will always be grateful to Curry Girls Kitchen for reminding a mother of three kids under 5 to reinstate the family mealtime and how to do it right.”
      Jennifer, 2005

      “After I had my third daughter, I could not return to work because I had health issues which took time to resolve and resulted in 2 surgeries. As I recovered, I realized that if I was going to stay home, I had to learn how to cook.  Peggy came in to my home and taught me not only how to cook and shop, but to make healthy food choices.  What a blessing!

      Through Curry Girls Kitchen, I have learned to enjoy cooking and to try different things.  My husband and 3 girls have truly enjoyed trying out new dishes.  As a result of our new healthy choices, my husband’s cholesterol level. Thank you Peggy!”
      Grettal, 1999