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      by CGK Client Doug on Curry Girls Kitchen
      You saved my son's life

      Here is our story- My Son, A Manhattan Beach “kid”, now an Air Force Jet Fighter Pilot, returned from a deployment in Afghanistan decimated from a virus that the military doctors did not detect or misdiagnosed as a “chronic disease”. His weight on the first day of his deployment was 180lbs- when we arrived at his base it was 134 lbs and walking a flight of stairs was nearly a physical impossibility for him. With the copious amounts of antibiotics they forced on him, which exacerbated his deteriorating physical state, he was bleeding out and a week away from potential organ shut down.   Were we, his parents, a little Pissed off- yes.   But we prayed hard and knew “the Angel of Healing” ,Peggy would be our pillar of knowledge and support in what would be an extraordinary journey in our son’s healing.Listen everyone. This is just one small story on how Peggy and the Curry Girls rescued one young man from the clutches of traditional medicine and dramatically proved that the cures for many of our “ailments” reside in our gardens and in our kitchens. So to quote that great old Lip sync band of yore, The Monkees, “I’m a Believer” and you should be too!

      by Sheila & Shannon on Curry Girls Kitchen
      Clean Private Clients 2015

      This morning I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Shannon had a colonoscopy and endoscope yesterday to reveal the status of her Crohn’s disease before she goes away to college in the fall… Her doctor told me Shannon’s colon looked “pristine” and “perfect.” There are no visible signs of the disease… Thank you so much for all your support (in working with us from Wisconsin) on Shannon’s behalf…


      I have never known another individual who truly, whole heatedly cares about the complete well being of others the way both Peggy and Megan do. I left the Curry’s nurturing home after my first cooking class there in 2003 (as a mother of two toddlers and very pregnant with my third) inspired to nourish my family and immolate everything I saw and felt that evening. Twelve years later, after attending more classes, and following the Curry Girls on social media, I feel exactly the same- absolutely inspired. I have gained more knowledge from these Curry Girls than anywhere else in terms of being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Something amazing happens when you are in a class with Peggy and Megan; they share, they absolutely care, they inspire, they open up such a comfortable dialogue that everyone gathered benefits from a shared energy I have never encountered anywhere else. How can I adequately express the gratitude I feel towards these two who continue to guide me towards the mother, wife and woman I aspire to be- not quite possible. I will say that I love them, and will continue to share what they have instilled in me with my family and others. Everything I have received from them has been in a very loving way, I can’t help but feel that same good vibe when I in-turn pass off what they have given to me- whether that be a meal, knowledge or recipe, to someone else. I am very thankful for these beautiful ladies!!!

      by Michelle on Curry Girls Kitchen
      CGK STUDENT - Winter Clean Workshop 2016

      Wanted to drop you a note and say your classes have changed my eating habits! Love my lemon water (with honey) and smoothies!!! Don’t have coffee in the morning (only had 3 small cups of coffee for a treat) and don’t have cravings for chocolate – yay!!! Still trying to figure out easy lunch/dinner recipes. Feeling good:)

      CGK STUDENT - Winter Clean Workshop 2016

      What you teach is more valuable then going to multiple health care professionals. Food IS medicine. I’ve been trying to eat clean all year. Your workshops refined a lot of my techniques, awareness outside of the kitchen, but especially shopping and cooking smarter. The Clean program with CGK works! There’s no going back to the old way of eating! The menu and recipe book was so helpful, especially the daily log sheet. I’m just scratching the surface of your recipes, as your web site is terrific for follow up and refinement. I loved crushing up the garlic and having it ready on command… The “no alcohol” was one of the biggest benefits to me. My blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in 20 years! You guys did a Great Job! Megan was awesome and very polished.


      I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your roasted cauliflower and veggies. Your steak was awesome! We had a great family dinner!!!! ~ The (chicken) burgers were a huge hit!!! Can’t wait to get them again ~ Oh goodness…. We love love love your (spilt pea) soup and (garlic) bread and (curry house) salad. ~ I forgot to tell you how yummy the lasagna was!!!!! DELICIOUS!!!! Love it gluten free and dairy free ~ I totally underestimated my dinner with you tonight (lentil salad and white fish)… It was gobbled up in minutes. Everyone loved it and I thought it was just going to be three of us. You rock!!! ~ Sooo yummy!!! Scott kept complimenting “this is soooo good!” (roasted lamb) ~ Such yummy meals this week (veggie pesto spaghetti squash)! Thank you so much. We have a request for more of your pesto. The girls have been using it on their sandwiches for school lunches ~ Oh wow!!!!!!! Loved dinner last night and tonight (seared salmon and spinach patties)!!!!! The desert was absolutely amazing (chocolate pie)!!!!!!! Seriously soooo yummy!!!!! ~ … I forgot to tell you how popular your mini meatloaf meal was… So yummy and perfect!!!!!


      Cooking for son with multiple food allergies/intolerancesWell… We are now three for three of him eating your meals and him saying “I love this stuff!” You. Are. Amazing!! So grateful!

      Fall Cleanse Workshop 2014

      Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen. The October Cleanse changed my world. I expected to moderate weight loss along with an over sense of just feeling better, I didn’t expect my eyesight to improve! 3 weeks since the cleanse ended and I’m still feeling great and have totally changed my eating habits. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

      Spring Cleanse Workshop 2014

      I started this because my good friend and trainer said “you need to do this with a bunch of us from the gym.” She knows that I am always searching for ways to balance fitness and health with day to day living. Today has been a month since I started the cleanse and I feel better and healthier than ever and I have a renewed respect for food. Growing up on a farm then transplanting myself across the country has let me lose or forget some very basic food knowledge (sorry dad). There is no way I would have been able to accomplish this just by reading the book. …without the meals, snack ideas and support from the Currys I would not have lasted 21 days. Oh the support… I texted Megan everyday in the beginning just to complain. Then eventually it turned from strange euphoria to just overall happiness at how I felt everyday when I woke up. A week after the cleanse had officially ended and I am still feeling great and basically sticking to my renewed sense of healthy eating with no plans to alter. I am very thankful to the Curry Girls for helping me make this transformation. I just wish I could continue to show up and have a big dinner at their house every Wednesday from now on! Thank you very much Curry Girls Kitchen for changing how I eat, shop and feel!

      Spring Cleanse Workshop 2014

      Thank you Peggy & Megan Curry and Dr. Junger for teaching me a new way to LOVE food. I never understood that food can really love you. I always thought it was a one-way relationship – either you eat yummy food or you eat clean food but you can’t have both. Now I know that you can be in LOVE with both – Yummy & Clean. Even better, Peggy has shown me and given me the tools to share the LOVE with my family and friends. In just 1 month, this has had a lovely impact on life. My husband and I are slowly shrugging off our mid-40 something malaise and weight. We’re all sleeping better. When 20 kids went home sick from school in January – it wasn’t mine. My youngest attention span is improving. His Cs are becoming Bs and even A’s. And the kicker is we’re just beginning to fall in LOVE with Clean & Yummy.

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